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Rhode Island Hires First State Cybersecurity Officer

Rhode island’s first ever state cyber security officer

Rhode Island has just hired its first state Cybersecurity officer. Mike Steinmetz will be serving as Gov. Gina M. Raimondo’s policy advisor on cyber security. He will also help develop a comprehensive state cybersecurity strategy that will help the state fight back cyber crimes and prevent them.

Steinmetz will also be serving as Rhode Island’s homeland security adviser. He began working on April 17.

Raimondo made this decision as a part of continuing efforts to create economic development and increase innovation. The decision was also made based on the series of 8 different recommendations in a report that was released in 2015 from the cybersecurity commission of Rhode Island.

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Do Cracked Games Contain Viruses And Malware?

Are cracked video games safe to download?

Now days nearly every video game gets cracked and is easily available to download from various websites, causing millions in damages to developers and publishers. But downloading cracked games is still popular amongst many people.

But the real question is, do cracked games contain viruses and malware? Can they threaten your privacy?

Well, yes and no.

It all depends on where you are getting your cracked games from. But in reality, nearly 80% of places that give out these cracked games include virus and malware and bitcoin miners into the package.

This malicious software can easily go undetected by even the most powerful anti-viruses.

So how should you protect yourself?

The only obvious way to protect your privacy from hackers and cyber criminals are to stop downloading cracked versions of the video game and instead by them off through steam or any other key merchants.

Getting a key from a key merchant is the easiest, cheapest and the best way to get games off the internet. But if for some reason you still want to download cracked versions of games, then you need to be very careful.

First of all, only get the stuff from groups that have a respectable image in the industry. Known groups will never add in any malicious software with the games they crack, however, there is still a risk with them.

Your system should ideally be equipped with anti-virus and anti-malware software that are created by reliable security companies. Remember, getting anti-virus software from an unreliable source could mean the anti-virus itself is a malicious software trying to take control of your system or exposing your private data to cyber criminals.

There are only a few reliable sources where you can download cracked games for testing purposes. Other sites that claim to offer the game for free are usually giving you something else and it is very easy to be scammed by these sites.

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5 Super easy ways to bump your computer security

super easy ways to bump your computer security at home

Protecting your computer or smartphone should come naturally because of the rising trend of cyber threats across the world. Over the internet, you’ll come across numerous ways to safeguard your digital life, but most of them talk about advanced methods to protect your computer that is only fit for a company or organization. What do you do when you are just an everyday user?

We have collected a list of super easy ways you can protect your computer if you are an everyday user of the internet.

Use private mode to browse the internet

  • Every browser comes with a private mode these days. Regardless of what internet browser you are using, if you are outside your home, never browse the internet without turning on the private mode. Private mode protects you by making sure your information is deleted once you have stopped using the browser.

Never ignore system updates

  • There’s a reason why your Windows keeps telling you to update your copy. OS companies release updates on nearly a daily basis to fight back hackers and other cyber criminals. By keeping your system up to date, you are protecting it by filling loopholes in OS security.

Back up your data every now and then

  • Backing up your data should become a habit for you. Even if you become a victim cyber crime and lose your data to hackers or cyber criminals, you can always restore a backup of your most recent data. There are tons of software out there that let you back up your entire computer to the cloud.

Don’t click on links in an email

  • Our emails usually start getting emails from different entities over the internet. Sometimes you’ll come across emails that have links inside. Never click on that link if the sender is not someone you trust. Hackers spread links on emails in hopes that you would click them and fill out their forms. Sometimes just merely clicking on the link and opening the page gives hackers enough time to inject malicious data into your computer.

Install anti-malware software

Your anti-virus is not enough to defend against threats on the internet. There’s a malicious entity known as malware that can easily bypass any anti-virus. Only a good anti-malware can protect you against these. Remember, hackers these days usually use malware to breach security, so make sure you have one installed on your computer or smartphone.

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Here’s why so many businesses are stocking up on bitcoins

Stocking on bitcoins is not the best way to ward off against ransomware

One of the big reasons why small companies and businesses are stocking up on bitcoins is because this form of currency has become the number one choice for cyber criminals.

In simple words, when a cyber attacker acquires critical data and asks for ransom, they want to be paid via bitcoins. But then again, are companies safe when they pay cyber attackers via bitcoins? Not quite.

A recent report reveals that cyber criminals have become very clever. Once they know a company is ready to pay them to return data, they may start asking for more. Additionally, there is no guarantee that you’ll get your data back when you pay them off.

But then what should you do if you become a victim of a ransomware?

A simple solution is prevention. 

  • The only real way you can protect yourself from ransomware is to get a reliable and trustworthy backup system in place. With the right backup system, you can restore all your data without ever worrying about paying a single penny to cyber attackers.

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In a recent report, it was revealed that most cyber criminals take down companies for a week or longer. For a thriving business, going offline for a week is a major blow to its reputation and sales.

And since cyber attacks are on the rise these days, protecting your systems from such attacks should be your number one priority instead of stocking up on bitcoins.

Collecting bitcoins in hopes of paying cyber criminals is a temporary solution because once you pay a criminal, he may come back to steal your data again.

If you are still not well protected, you should seek help from a professional. There are many cyber security professionals and companies eager to help you protect your data from threats in the cyber world.

Invest in protection to help prevent future attacks and stay safe from the rising threats cyber criminals.


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NSA Chief Says U.S Needs To Upgrade To Fight Against Cyber Threats

USA needs to change its strategy to protect against cyber warfare

USA needs to change its strategy to protect against cyber warfare

NSA Chief outlined that U.S needs to upgrade their cyber security systems to fight rising cyber threats.

He said that the United States will need to rethink its strategy and use a combination of strategies to fight back the rising risks of foreign countries attacking our computing networks.

He gave this speech during a visit to a packed room at the Kennedy School on Wednesday.

He also outlined the daunting challenges of defeating cyber threats of foreign countries and independant cyber criminals.

In order to confront cyber attacks, he said that the U.S needs better network protection.

Read more details http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2016/10/u-s-needs-upgrade-against-cyber-threats-commander-says/

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