[SANS ISC] Analysis of a Maldoc with Multiple Layers of Obfuscation

I published the following diary on isc.sans.org: “Analysis of a Maldoc with Multiple Layers of Obfuscation“.

Thanks to our readers, we get often interesting samples to analyze. This time, Frederick sent us a malicious Microsoft Word document called “Invoice_6083.doc” (which was delivered in a zip archive). I had a quick look at it and it was interesting enough for a quick diary… [Read more]

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from Xavier

Archive.org Abused to Deliver Phishing Pages

The Internet Archive is a well-known website and more precisely for its “WaybackMachine” service. It allows you to search for and display old versions of websites. The current Alexa ranking is 262 which makes it a “popular and trusted” website. Indeed, like I explained in a recent SANS ISC diary, whitelists of websites are very important for attackers! The phishing attempt that I detected was also using the URL shortener bit.ly (Position 9380 in the Alexa list).

The phishing is based on a DHL notification email. The mail has a PDF attached to it:

DHL Notification

This PDF has no malicious content and is therefore not blocked by antispam/antivirus. The link “Click here” points to a bit.ly short URL:


Note that HTTPS is used which already make the traffic non-inspected by many security solutions.

Tip: If you append a “+” at the end of the URL, bit.ly will not directly redirect you to the hidden URL but will display you an information page where you can read this URL!

The URL behind the short URL is:


Bit.ly also maintains statistics about the visitors:

bit.ly Statistics

It’s impressive to see how many people visited the malicious link. The phishing campaign was also active since the end of March. Thank you bit.ly for this useful information!

This URL returns the following HTML code:

<META http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=data:text/html;base64, ... (base64 data) ... "
<body bgcolor="#fffff">

The refresh META tag displays the decoded HTML code:


The deobfuscated script displays the following page:

DHL Phishing Page

The pictures are stored on a remote website but it has already been cleaned:


Stolen data are sent to another website: (This one is still alive)


The question is: how this phishing page was stored on archive.org? If you visit the upper level on the malicious URL (https://archive.org/download/gxzdhsh/), you find this:

archive.org Files

Go again to the upper directory (‘../’) and you will find the owner of this page: alextray. This guy has many phishing pages available:

alextray's Projects

Indeed, the Internet Archives website allows registered users to upload content as stated in the FAQ. If you search for ‘archive.org/download’ on Google, you will find a lot of references to multiple contents (most of them are harmless) but on VT, there are references to malicious content hosted on archive.org.

Here is the list of phishing sites hosted by “alextray”. You can use them as IOC’s:

hxxps://archive.org/download/ygluiigii/ygluiigii.html (Yahoo!)
hxxps://archive.org/download/ugjufhugyj/ugjufhugyj.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/khgjfhfdh/khgjfhfdh.html (DHL)
hxxps://archive.org/download/iojopkok/iojopkok.html (Adobe)
hxxps://archive.org/download/Lkmpk/lkm[pk[.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/vhjjjkgkgk/vhjjjkgkgk.html (TNT)
hxxps://archive.org/download/ukryjfdjhy/ukryjfdjhy.html (TNT)
hxxps://archive.org/download/ojodvs/ojodvs.html (Adobe)
hxxps://archive.org/download/sfsgwg/sfsgwg.html (DHL)
hxxps://archive.org/download/ngmdlxzf/ngmdlxzf.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/zvcmxlvm/zvcmxlvm.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/ugiutiyiio/ugiutiyiio.html (Yahoo!)
hxxps://archive.org/download/ufytuyu/ufytuyu.html (Microsoft Excel)
hxxps://archive.org/download/xgfdhfdh/xgfdhfdh.html (Adobe)
hxxps://archive.org/download/itiiyiyo/itiiyiyo.html (DHL)
hxxps://archive.org/download/hgvhghg/hgvhghg.html (Google Drive)
hxxps://archive.org/download/sagsdg_201701/sagsdg.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/bljlol/bljlol.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/gxzdhsh/gxzdhsh.html (DHL)
hxxps://archive.org/download/bygih_201701/bygih.html (DHL)
hxxps://archive.org/download/bygih/bygih.html (DHL)
hxxps://archive.org/download/ygi9j9u9/ygi9j9u9.html (Yahoo!)
hxxps://archive.org/download/78yt88/78yt88.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/vfhyfu/vfhyfu.html (Yahoo!)
hxxps://archive.org/download/yfuyj/yfuyj.html (DHL)
hxxps://archive.org/download/afegwe/afegwe.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/nalxJL/nalxJL.html (DHL)
hxxps://archive.org/download/jfleg/jfleg.html (DHL)
hxxps://archive.org/download/yfigio/yfigio.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/gjbyk/gjbyk.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/nfdnkh/nfdnkh.html (Yahoo!)
hxxps://archive.org/download/GfhdtYry/gfhdt%20yry.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/fhdfxhdh/fhdfxhdh.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/iohbo6vu5/iohbo6vu5.html (DHL)
hxxps://archive.org/download/sgsdgh/sgsdgh.html (Adobe)
hxxps://archive.org/download/mailiantrewl/mailiantrewl.html (Google)
hxxps://archive.org/download/ihiyi/ihiyi.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/glkgjhtrku/glkgjhtrku.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/pn8n8t7r/pn8n8t7r.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/aEQWGG/aEQWGG.html (Yahoo!)
hxxps://archive.org/download/isajcow/isajcow.html (Yahoo!)
hxxps://archive.org/download/pontiffdata_yahoo_Kfdk/;kfd;k.html (Yahoo!)
hxxps://archive.org/download/vuivi/vuivi.html (TNT)
hxxps://archive.org/download/lmmkn/lmmkn.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/ksafaF/ksafaF.html (Google)
hxxps://archive.org/download/fsdgs/fsdgs.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/joomlm/joomlm.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/rdgdh/rdgdh.html (Adobe)
hxxps://archive.org/download/pontiffdata_yahoo_Bsga/bsga.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/ihgoiybot/ihgoiybot.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/dfhrf/dfhrf.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/pontiffdata_yahoo_Kgfk_201701/kgfk.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/jhlhj/jhlhj.html (Yahoo!)
hxxps://archive.org/download/pontiffdata_yahoo_Kgfk/kgfk.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/pontiffdata_yahoo_Gege/gege.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/him8ouh/him8ouh.html (DHL)
hxxps://archive.org/download/maiikillll/maiikillll.html (Google)
hxxps://archive.org/download/pontiffdata_yahoo_Mlv/mlv;.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/oiopo_201701/oiopo.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/ircyily/ircyily.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/vuyvii/vuyvii.html (DHL)
hxxps://archive.org/download/fcvbt_201612/fcvbt.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/poksfcps/poksfcps.html (Yahoo!)
hxxps://archive.org/download/eldotrivoloto_201612/eldotrivoloto.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/babalito_201612/babalito.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/katolito_201612/katolito.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/kingshotties_201612/kingshotties.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/fcvbt/fcvbt.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/vkvkk/vkvkk.html (DHL)
hxxps://archive.org/download/pontiffdata_yahoo_Vkm/vkm;.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/hiluoogi/hiluoogi.html (Microsoft)
hxxps://archive.org/download/ipiojlj/ipiojlj.html (Microsoft)

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from Xavier

Navigating cybersecurity in the New Age

In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, tools, gadgets, and platforms aren’t the only things advancing. Cyberattacks are becoming more powerful, wide-ranging, and harmful to organizations around the globe.

For any enterprise, cybersecurity is one of the most essential factors to business success. With new and emerging technology, leaders have to explore modern security needs via stronger, more intelligent solutions. Today, the modern security officers must:

  • Recognize the intricacies of the cyberspace and the cyberattacks that threaten it
  • Take advantage of machine learning and cloud platforms that enhance security
  • Gain insights to top trends and the future of the cybersecurity industry

Navigating today’s advanced cyber threats is a team effort. Organizations must learn new skills to protect themselves from cyber criminals and ensure infrastructure security. It takes a team of security experts, analysts, IT specialists, and risk assessors to restructure and refine cybersecurity.

On May 10th, Microsoft will live stream from the Security Summit, an invitation-only event for Chief Information Security Officers.  Attend the live, Virtual Security Summit to hear from leading security experts about best practices and solutions to keep your organization safe.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain insights and learn how to protect your organization, detect, and respond to evolving cyberattacks.



from Microsoft Secure Blog Staff

[SANS ISC] DNS Query Length… Because Size Does Matter

I published the following diary on isc.sans.org: “DNS Query Length… Because Size Does Matter“.

In many cases, DNS remains a goldmine to detect potentially malicious activity. DNS can be used in multiple ways to bypass security controls. DNS tunnelling is a common way to establish connections with remote systems. It is often based on “TXT” records used to deliver the encoded payload. “TXT” records are also used for good reasons, like delivering SPF records but, too many TXT DNS request could mean that something weird is happening on your network… [Read more]

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from Xavier

“Gamify Your Awareness Program – At the #SecAwareSummit”

Editor’s Note: Graham Westbrook is the head of awareness atGeisinger Health System in PA/NJ. Heis one of the speakers for the upcoming Security Awareness Summit 2/3 Aug in Nashville, TN. Below he gives an overviewhisupcoming talk on Gamification. I entered the cybersecurity industry from the back door, you could say, having gone to school for &hellip; Continue reading Gamify Your Awareness Program – At the #SecAwareSummit

from lspitzner