Do Cracked Games Contain Viruses And Malware?

Are cracked video games safe to download?

Now days nearly every video game gets cracked and is easily available to download from various websites, causing millions in damages to developers and publishers. But downloading cracked games is still popular amongst many people.

But the real question is, do cracked games contain viruses and malware? Can they threaten your privacy?

Well, yes and no.

It all depends on where you are getting your cracked games from. But in reality, nearly 80% of places that give out these cracked games include virus and malware and bitcoin miners into the package.

This malicious software can easily go undetected by even the most powerful anti-viruses.

So how should you protect yourself?

The only obvious way to protect your privacy from hackers and cyber criminals are to stop downloading cracked versions of the video game and instead by them off through steam or any other key merchants.

Getting a key from a key merchant is the easiest, cheapest and the best way to get games off the internet. But if for some reason you still want to download cracked versions of games, then you need to be very careful.

First of all, only get the stuff from groups that have a respectable image in the industry. Known groups will never add in any malicious software with the games they crack, however, there is still a risk with them.

Your system should ideally be equipped with anti-virus and anti-malware software that are created by reliable security companies. Remember, getting anti-virus software from an unreliable source could mean the anti-virus itself is a malicious software trying to take control of your system or exposing your private data to cyber criminals.

There are only a few reliable sources where you can download cracked games for testing purposes. Other sites that claim to offer the game for free are usually giving you something else and it is very easy to be scammed by these sites.

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from Gilbertine Onfroi


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